CVS Pharmacy – Don’t print Black & White

This is a warning to all those whom are likeĀ  me and love to take pictures with a 35 film camera. I went up to Auburn with my fiance, girlfriend at the time, and proposed to her up there on a nature trail. I had my Minolta camera with us, and took plenty of pictures of our trek. After my film ran out right after I proposed to her, I put in some black and white film to take a few pictures for memories. Instead of 24 exposure they are 36 exposure and so we took plenty of pictures of the two of us. However, when I dropped them off at CVS Pharmacy, explaining to them that they were black & white, something terrible happened.

I went back to pick them up a little over an hour, and had the manager come and speak to me. They ran the black and white photos through a color processor and runed every picture. Apparently there is some kind of black and white film that can be ran through a color processor. I’ve never heard of such a thing. In fact, the black and white film I had in the camera is the same brand of black and white I used 10 years ago when I took black and white pictures before my first Minolta stopped working.

So all of my engagment pictures… gone. All she has to offer me is a free four pack of “CVS” brand 400 speed 35 film. How exciting… goodbye memories of my engagment in the wilderness, and here a few free rolls of film, now that I’m no longer in Auburn. So word of advice, if you like taking black and white pictures. Don’t go anywhere except a professional camera/photo place.

Yes, my fiance and me pretty much won’t shop at CVS anymore.